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Organize a hub

To make the competition more fun for students and professionals in your local area, you can volunteer to organize a hub where teams can come together to compete.
Why should I organize a hub?

Hubs are a fun way for participants living in the same area to compete side-by-side during the Online Qualification Round. In previous years, hub organizers reserved large rooms (e.g. at a university) where teams watched the introductory livestream together. Hub participants also competed in our photo contest and the teams with the best submissions were awarded Google goodies. We're sure you can tell from the Google+ photos that hubs are a great way to increase the level of excitement and competition, and allow you to meet new people in the process.

Can I organize a hub and participate?

Yes, absolutely! You just need to participate from your hub :) We recommend that you set up the room one hour before the competition starts; managing the hub should require minimal time during the competition itself.

Paricipants in a hub during the 2017 edition of Hash Code
Participant trying to solve a problem
Okay, I'm convinced. How can I sign up to organize a hub?

If you’d like to organize a hub, great! Please sign up today by filling in this form.

Can I transfer hub ownership to a new hub organizer?

Unfortunately there is no way to transfer hub ownership. Please cancel your existing hub and tell the new hub owner to register the hub again on our site using their contact details. If there are participants already registered for your hub, please be sure to email them to let them know that you are cancelling and re-registering the hub. These participants will need to sign up for the new hub listing via the Judge System once it’s been submitted.

Guidelines for hub organizers

You can begin making arrangements for your hub once you’ve received an email that your hub has been confirmed. Take a look at the information below to learn how to make your hub an exciting experience for all participants!

Facility requirements

You will need a room large enough to host all the participants you expect.

The room should be equipped with:

  • Tables and seats for all participants (participants will work in teams of two to four, so you may try to arrange the layout to favor teamwork as much as possible).
  • Sufficient power plugs and network connections (in most cases participants will bring their own laptops). The network connection should be strong enough for your participants to access the competition site and the Judge System simultaneously (the task won't require heavy communication with our servers).
  • Some whiteboards/blackboards/paperboards (if possible).
  • A video projector connected to a computer and an audio system (if possible). The computer should be connected to the Internet so that it can play the opening YouTube Live Stream and display the scoreboard (a web application).

We recommend that you reserve your room from 17:30 to 23:00 CET. The Online Qualification Round will last from 18:30 to 22:30 CET, but it is a good idea to begin setting up early.

From our own experience, we also encourage you to check with the operators of your building if some specific action needs to be taken to ensure power, lighting, air conditioning (if any) and toilets will remain available in the evening. If you’re hosting a hub at a location where there was a hub in 2017, we recommend speaking to the previous organizer to get their feedback and suggestions.

Update your information

You can update the information about your hub that’s displayed in our hub list by visiting the hub organizer signup form and logging in with the same Google Account that you used when you initially registered.

Promote your hub

Check out the below email and poster templates to help you advertise your hub to classmates, colleagues, etc. It’s important to encourage people to register early so you know how many people to expect at your hub (this is one of the main pieces of feedback we received from hub organizers last year!).

Hash Code 2018 by Google - sign up today!

We’ll be hosting a hub at [LOCATION] for the Online Qualification Round of Hash Code, a team-based programming competition created by Google for university students and industry professionals. The Online Qualification Round takes place on 1st March at 18:30 CET and registered teams from [LOCATION] are invited to participate from our hub, which will take place at [ROOM NAME]. Top scoring teams from the Online Qualification Round will then be invited to Google’s Dublin office to compete in the Final Round of the competition in April.

If you’re interested in joining our hub, find a team (two to four people) and be sure you all register at g.co/hashcode. Make sure to select [HUB NAME] from the list of hubs in the Judge System.


Google goodies at hubs

If you are based in any of the countries on this list and have 20 participants confirmed by 1st February, we will be able to send you Google goodies! As mentioned previously, please make sure to encourage your friends, colleagues and classmates to sign up early. We will take a look at the number of registrations for your hub on 1st February to determine how many goodies we’ll send your way.

Monitoring the capacity of your hub

When participants form teams in the Judge System, they’ll have the option to select a hub to join for the Online Qualification Round. In the Hub Manager section of the Judge System, you can access the list of participants who have signed up to compete from your hub. Please keep an eye on these registrations - when your hub has reached its capacity, you can mark it as complete in the Judge System to prevent further teams from selecting it.

Email to hub participants

We recommend that you send an email to all participants competing from your hub 2-3 days before the Online Qualification Round to remind them of your hub location and the competition start time. Check out the email template below.

Hash Code 2018 by Google - Hub Confirmation

Hello everyone,

My name is [NAME] and I’m the organizer for the Hash Code hub at [LOCATION]. This email is to confirm the details for our hub:

  • Date: 1st March at [18:00 CET or your local time]
    The Online Qualification Round will start at [18:30 CET or your local time] but we ask that you arrive 30 min early so that all teams are prepared to start on time.
  • Location: [ROOM]
  • Other details
    Any other important info (eg. please bring your own laptop and power adapter)

If you have any questions you can email me directly. Thanks!


During the Online Qualification Round

Here is a suggested timeline:

  • 17:30 CET:
    • Open room
    • Set up video projector and audio
    • Connect to Live Stream
    • Decorate the room
  • 18:30 CET:
    • Livestream starts (no specific action needed)
  • 18:45 CET:
    • Task made available, competition starts
    • Display the scoreboard on the video projector
    • Take pictures and share them on our Facebook event and in our Google+ community
    • Confirm participating teams in the Judge System (we will send you detailed instructions later)
  • 22:30 CET:
    • End of the competition
    • Announce the score for the local teams
    • Congratulate all participants
  • 22:40 CET:
    • Connect to Live Stream
  • 23:00 CET:
    • Close hub
After the Online Qualification Round

Announce the final results and thank all the participants who joined from your hub by sending them an email.