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For the Online Qualification Round, your team can participate from anywhere using your own computer and internet connection. To make this round a bit more exciting, hubs are organized across various universities and cities where local teams can come together and compete side-by-side. Participating from a hub is a great way to meet new people!
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What is a hub?

Hubs are meetups where teams from the same university, office or local area can come together to compete in the Online Qualification Round side-by-side. Participating from a hub adds a bit more fun and excitement to the competition, and is a great way to meet new people!

How do I join a hub?

Once you complete the Hash Code registration form, you will gain access to the Judge System. In the Judge System, your team can choose to join one of the participating hubs. We will share your contact information with the hub organizer who will contact you with all relevant details. You should wait to hear from the hub organizer in order to confirm your team’s attendance in case there are space or other restrictions for the hub. We’ll continue to update the list of hubs and organizers as they sign up.

You will be able to update your hub preference in the Judge System at any time up until 1st March 2018 at 18:30 CET. We’ll continue to update the list of hubs on our site as new hubs are registered.

If your team would like to participate from a hub, we encourage you to select the hub in the Judge System as soon as possible to confirm your spot.

How do I volunteer to organize a hub?

Hosting a hub is a great way to make the competition more fun for students and professionals in your local area! First, you’ll need to make sure there isn’t already a hub for your location (list here). If your location isn’t listed, visit our page for hub organizers to learn how you can volunteer to set one up yourself. We’ll confirm your hub details over email, then you can begin making arrangements.

Participants in a hub during the 2015 edition of Hash Code